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Lehrstuhl für Gießereikunde

Rapid Prototype Technologies

Makerbot Replicator 2X

to produce cheap models out of plastics


Technical Data:

Mould-making Machine EB 8 (Horbach) '
Flask diameter: 140 mm
Flask Height: 200 mm
Moulds: 5
Moulding mass.: 8 kg



Wax Injector (Horbach)
(air pressure operated)
Wax content: 1.1 l

Wax Ejector GEFIE I (Gefie)
(air pressure operated)
Wax content: 0.6 l
Ejector nozzel: 1.5/3 mm
Working pressure: 6 - 8 bar




  • Manufacture of wax moulds and ceramic moulds
  • Casting can be made under vacuum