Light Microscopy

Mounting, Grinding and Polishing

Technical Data:

OPAL 460

Mounding the samles.

Knuth Rotor (Struers),

Polishing and Grinding Unit dia. 250 mm
Saphir 350 (ATM),

Polishing and Grinding Unit dia. 230-300 mm with half-automatic controls:

Reproducable sample preparation for Mg, Al, Fe and MMCs

Zeiss optical microscopy

Technical Data:

Inverse Microscope (Zeiss AX10)
1.25 to 100X objectives and image acquisition system

Bright, dark field and polarized microscopic examination of samples

Image Analysis

Image analysis Lucia (Optoteam, Nikon)


Technical Data:

Dual Beam SEM (FEI) Scanning Electron Microscopy

Focussed Ion Beam (FIB)
(in collaboration with Dept. Metallurgy)

Microstructure analysis and sample preparation for TEM

TEM sample preparation

Automatic Twin-Jet Electropolisher (Fischione instrument)
Technical Data:

Model 110 Twin-Jet Electropolisher

    Electrolytic polishing or chemical etching
    Simultaneous two-sided polishing
    No induced artifacts
    Easily adjustable flow rate, jet and specimen positions
    Reliable, accurate termination

The Model 130 Specimen Punch prepares high-quality disk specimens.
The Model 220 Low Temp Container allows the Electropolisher to be used at cryogenic temperatures.

High-quality thin foils for TEM

TEM sample preparation

Gatan 691 Precision Ion Polishing System (PIPS™)
Technical Data:

High milling rates at shallow angles to less than 1 degree

Penning guns having no consumable parts

Whisperlok™ for fast and simple specimen exchange

Patented specimen holders for double sided, low angle milling

Beam Modulation offering both single and double sector milling

CCD imagery for "real-time" video monitors imaging

The PIPS™ is a user-friendly precision ion polisher designed to produce high quality, TEM specimens with minimal effort.


CM12 and JEOL-2100F

(in collaboration with ESI)

For more information, please link to CM12 and JEOL-2100F in ESI.